Meet Liam, he's sound.

We like to write a profile on our members and this month we have a cracker. Liam from Liam Ross Music is an absolute joy, when he's not being an amazing sound engineer and fixing equipment he's singing as he walks up the stairs and organising members curry nights.

1. What's your background?

After studying Music and Sound Recording at Uni I luckily got a job at a recording studio in Monmouth called Monnow Valley Studio where I eventually became the head engineer and stayed for 5 years. I met my partner who lived nearby and we eventually ran away together and moved into a house in Cardiff. I quickly joined a friend of a friend and started running a small studio in Cardiff called Corner House Studio while I gradually got my technician client base together.

I was initially working out of our spare bedroom and it became rather cramped. That was when I first started exploring the idea of renting space of my own to be an audio technician.

2. How did you hear about The Sustainable Studio?

My friend was doing a gig in Tramshed Tech and I was helping him out with the sound and lifting. After a quick tour and a chat I realised that it wasn’t perfect for me there because of the horrific amount of mess and noise I make but it started me looking at co-working places around the city. After arranging a peek around TSS with Lyds I was absolutely in love with the place and the atmosphere.

3. What are the best things about being part of TSS?

The amazing people who run/manage TSS and the amazing people who use it.

Sharing tools/equipment/knowledge/experience. POT LACH (Community lunch)

Ability to shut my door on a total mess and come back tomorrow without effecting anyone else!

4. Any fave moments so far?

The day Ste's chair arrived! (it was epic) and Christmas Market

5. Any interesting facts about yourself?

I make a slamming Pork Carnitas and always team it up with corn tortillas, salsa and sour cream. Also super heavy on the coriander.

6. Best thing about being a creative in Cardiff?

The fact that the city is so small makes it very easy to bump into people from all different walk of life and with different interests. It is a very warm and welcoming place to be a new face in.

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