Join our creative community, like Dani has.

This month we say Hiya! to relative new member Dani from Picl Animation, super talented, rocks dungarees and nana slippers like no other and brings some northern soul to the studio.

HELLO! My name is Dani and I am a freelance animator! In my business life I animate all day and in my personal life I also animate all day but I'm usually wrapped in a blankey. I help organise animation events and festivals in Cardiff as well as generally sticking my beak into any creative goings on in the city! I love it here!

How did you hear about us?

I am ADDIC.TED. To. Twitter. It's pretty bad you guys, you shouldn't chuckle. I saw The Sustainable Studio's twitter account and followed along for a couple of months watching the progress and getting increasingly piney for a creative space of my own!

I got to attend one of the Cardiff Creative Mornings and here the studio owners, Sarah and Julia, speak about their inspirations and dreams for the place. I kinda knew at that point that I would end up here, I just had to bide my time! Thoughts on TSS?

I LOVE it here. It is everything I hoped it would be and much, much more. I love being surrounded by fellow creative freelancers. It is such a supportive and happy environment. We have lunch and tea breaks together, egg each-other on with clients or business problems, and lend an ear when sometimes it's tough.

I enjoy the company of all the people I have met. I've started moving so many little plants and books and toys into my space, I think I like it more than my home! It has exceeded my expectations in every way!

The TSS team have looked after me so much since I arrived, when they really didn't need to. They go the extra mile to make you feel welcome. Also, their coffee is OUT OF THIS WORLD (editor: oh go on you <3 )

Advice for people thinking of joining a creative work space?

I was extremely nervous about committing to an extra overhead for my (as-yet-fledging) business but honestly, being here has lit a fire under me! I feel so ready for work when I arrive and so ready for home when I leave. I run a business with a partner (*fanfare for Lauren Orme*)

and working in the same space has propelled us to the next level for sure! For both of us, it has been really healthy to create that disconnect from home-life. I like to start work early and cycling down the Taff Trail to work has become such an amazing part of my day, to blow the sleep out of my eyes and make me excited about work. I can daydream AND pedal ya know!

Would you recommend TSS to others?

I would recommend it in a heart beat! If you've been working from home and trying to grow your own creative business, I think you'd be perfect for The Sustainable Studios. We're all on the same river, just in different boats, and it is so worth it for that support, advice and camaraderie!

About the pod ladies:

Dani Abram works as a freelance animator and together with Lauren Orme, they provide short form animated content for clients, businesses and charities at Picl Animation.

They also hold networking and screening events in the city as well as Cardiff's very own Animation Festival! They plan to take over the world!

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