Meet the maker: Lisa, Mountain Top Copywriting

We focus on lovely member Lisa this month, freelance writer and owner of Mountain Top Copywriting, artist, earring fiend and mother to William - the most instagrammed dachshund in Cardiff.

Tell us more about you.

I'm a freelance writer, so I get commissioned to write words. So far, these have included copy for beer bottle labels about monsters who brew, to writing website copy and packaging for a new make up line for trans women. I studied English and creative writing in uni, and enjoy writing a whole range of stuff, from flash fiction and comic strips to memoir style blog posts, music reviews, and copy for creative, ethical companies.

How did you hear about The Sustainable Studio?

I heard about TSS through various creative friends, including Emina who manages the PR there. I'd been working from home for two years which had become weird. There's only so much conversation you get from a sausage dog.

When I came for my first tour, I was sold. I love that it's a big, bright, and creative space that's always evolving. It's a space I'm not afraid to get messily creative in, and there's easy access to tea on every level. What are the best things about being part of TSS?

People. I've made some great friends in a short time, and get to see more of friends I already knew. I feel part of a caring, supportive community.

My pod. I share with Jenny Lovlie, who I've met since being at TSS. Our tastes accidentally match which has made for a very insta-worthy space.

Shared experiences. I can talk about the ups and downs of freelancing, and people have loads of similar stories to share.

Getting to store all my creative materials in my pod, so I'm prepared for anything I want to make. I'm hoping for an accommodation wing next.

The evolving spaces. There's always somewhere new to sit, and a new brightly coloured bit of decoration to see. Any fave moments so far?

When my dog William pinched a sandwich out of a visiting college student's bag. It made us laugh a lot, and William looked very sorry for the rest of the day, peering out from the door of his doggy prison (our very comfortable pod).

The Christmas party was great with lots of pass the parcel and curry. When I made cardboard pineapples at TSS with Emina and her mum. I love every moment when I get in the creative flow at TSS.

Any interesting facts about yourself?

I have PADI scuba diving qualifications, and once got two black eyes on a dive.

I have the lesser known chronic illnesses crohn's disease and endometriosis.

I've run the London marathon. I have a love of brightly coloured trainers and earrings, and long train journeys.

Best thing about being a creative in Cardiff?

  • The supportive people doing interesting things, helping one another, and running their own businesses and indie brands

  • The generous independent coffee shops happy for you to plug in your laptop while drinking too much caffeine

  • Bute Park for tree therapy

  • You can go to a different creative event every day of the week, if you choose to.

  • There's a feeling of possibility, that you can make new things happen.

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