This month we meet Mike Erskine, co founder of We Are Here Creative, making films that matter. He shares a pod with Vaida and together they form a social, chilled duo of lovely people. Mike recently went on a trip to Uganda and is part of a project called Uganda is Rich - amazing.

What's your background Mike?

Communicating about climate change was really my starting point for what I do today, which is to create digital content through film and photography.

One of the first films I made was about a sheep farmer in the Welsh valleys, who instead of buying a new tractor, decided to install a small scale water turbine on his stream.

For him it made sense environmentally and economically and for me it encapsulates the types of stories and ideas that I always want to tell and share.

What drew you to the studio?

I came across TSS through twitter and was immediately drawn to the idea and ethos, so had to go and check it out. When Julia showed me around and described her plans I was in - it's been fantastic watching the space develop and transform.

Being part of a community is really important for me. Freelancing can get pretty lonely and to have a well designed open space where there are lots of creative and friendly people is a perfect place to work.

Best part of being at TSS?

The people. The crazy lunch time conversations. Most things that Gareth says.

I'm looking forward to seeing the community grow, meeting new people and seeing more things happening in the space.

Words to those who might join TSS?

If you're looking to find a relaxed, creative space that's not an office, this is the place.

Best thing about being a creative in Cardiff?

It feels more like a town, but has the buzz, opportunities and diversity of a big city.

Read more about our other makers in the blog section, they're great.

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