Our community is made from makers of every kind and this month we feature Vaida, our talented photographer and owner of Severn Tides. She can be found making delicious food in kitchen, being a calming influence and producing beautiful work. Let's find out more...

Passions and work

I’m a photographer with an anthropologist’s background. I love all people photography- weddings, portraits, families, fashion, but also do product photography and especially like food photography.

I am particularly in love with colours and play with that a lot in the post-processing. I also do personal art photography projects, which are mainly done with my medium format film camera.

Food, yum

I am also very passionate about food and sometimes cook lunches for the Studio crowd and do some communities projects, I’ve been involved in a recipe collection project in my community.

Why TSS?

I heard about TSS through my friend Mike and went to have a look in 2016 and met Julia and Sarah for a chat and really liked their groundness and openness and thought I would enjoy it here.