Old Faithful is owned by Gareth Daniel who creates natural, organic grooming and beauty products from beard oil to a 'Makers' hand balm and bespoke skincare. Gareth brings the tunes to the studio, along with yoga moves and a cheeky bit of Valleys charm.


"My professional background is in sales and marketing, so quite different to what I do these days but these skills definitely help in building a business. I am a qualified Aromatherapist who specialises in natural skincare. I am developing a natural male grooming brand and offer a bespoke natural skincare service.

Studio Life

I know Julia from many moons ago and hadn’t seen her in years! I first heard about The Sustainable Studio when somebody shared a Facebook post about the launch party which I attended and had a great time! Got a wee bit tipsy and made some new friends :)

I needed more than a desk for all my equipment and ingredients. My space at The Sustainable Studio is ideal for where I am with my business at the moment and the environment and people here make it a pleasure to work from. I have received an amazing amount of support both professionally and personally.

Why I love TSS

The people and the banter we have, I Love it. Everybody is up for the craic and we all get along really well. My pod is perfect for what I need and the networking element of being based here is another big positive for me.

I have met loads of cool and interesting people through the studio and many of them have turned into customers of mine...that may be my sales background kicking in there! If you are working in the creative industries or even if you are not, but prefer working in a creative, positive and buzzy environment you should check this place out.

Shameless plug

Everybody really needs to check out the Old Faithful website for natural, organic skincare and if you're interested in a more natural and holistic approach to skincare you should fill in my ‘Skincare Consultation' and I can make bespoke natural skin & hair care just for you"

Read Karen's story.


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