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More about Radical Reading Rooms project...

Starting with boxes of new, boundary-pushing books, community workers from Leeds, Cardiff, Peterborough and Newcastle/Gateshead have come together to create and generate spaces of positive dissent, backed up by Pluto Press and the Left Book Club.


There is access not just to books, but also authors, who through community-led conversations bring their insight on a variety of topics, such as grassroots organising, creative writing, campaigning, teaching, music and much more.


Other activities include reading groups, which provide forums to debate local issues that deeply affect everyday lives. Taking the lead from our communities, these topics include inequality, the environment, precarious employment, LGBTQIA+ issues, structural racism and much more. As the project grows, we hope to expand to other areas of the UK, as well as develop new books by emerging radical voices.


At its core, the Radical Reading Rooms will help people find space to read, discuss and organise a better future. A better world is possible! 

Radical Reading Rooms CARDIFF

Radical Reading Rooms Cardiff is a diverse coalition of young adults who have come together to build a toolkit for the generative use of ‘empty’ spaces within local communities as a reaction to the continued lack of affordable space within their City.


Our RRR project is an opportunity to meet and discuss local problems that we encounter everyday with people who’ve developed through their writings, research and activism, innovative and powerful ways to make change happen. 


The Sustainable Studio and Butetown Connect, together with colleagues from the creative, cultural, community and voluntary sectors, invite you to be part of a series of topical discussions as we launch the RRR Cardiff as a library resource for like minded members of our local communities.

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We apologise that originally Radical Reading Rooms was due to launch Tuesday 5 October. There has now been a delay and we will update this page as soon as we know more. Sign up to receive the first word when we go live.

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